How They Make a Plumbus

How they make a plumbus, dummy.

Everyone has a plumbus in their home. If you’ve been wondering how they make them, I’ve got these step by step instructions (marked up by Yoast!) so you’re welcome.

Time needed: 1 minute

  1. First they take the dinglebop

  2. Smooth it out with a bunch of schleem

    The shleem is then repurposed for later batches.

  3. They take the dinglebop and they push it through the grumbo

  4. Where the fleeb is then rubbed against it

    It’s important that the fleeb is rubbed, because the fleeb has all of the fleeb juice.

  5. Then a schlami shows up and he rubs it and spits on it

  6. They cut the fleeb

    There are several hizzards in the way.

  7. The blamfs run against the chumbles and the plubis and grumbo are shaved away

  8. That leaves you with a regular old plumbus