Bitmap Picasso

Ah, my days as a bitmap Picasso. A few years ago, I thought my key to fame and fortune on the Interwebs was Microsoft Paint. Yeah…I know. The gist was that I would draw these pictures – in Microsoft Paint – of famous, iconic characters, and then add a quote from some completely different iconic thing. Cognitive dissonance! Strangely, it never really took off and I’m still toiling in the Internet salt mines. I’m as surprised as you.

boba fett meets silence of the lambs
Boba is probably wishing for lotion to soothe those Sarlacc burns amirite?
Mr. T vs Pee Wee Herman
This one’s a mindbender, because he’s actually quoting Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
clockwork orange vs dora the explorer
Anybody up for a little of the old ultraviolence…and an adventure?
Robocop meets Jerry Maguire
Can you fly, Jerry?
Pirates of the Carribean Ghostbusters
OK…who brought the Sea Dog?
Devil vs The Jesus
He’s a Pederastaroth, Dude